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Re: [IP] Severe Lows

Well at least now I know where all the smarties are when my mom goes to buy 
some to mail to me. Smarties have been my choice for the past few years now. 
And since my hubby was stationed in Germany last Aug I have to get my mom to 
mail them to me as our PX nor Commissary carry them.
I have found that if I am above 50 then I eat 2 rolls (10g carb) and if 
below 50 then 3 rolls (15g carb)

PROUD to be a Military Spouse
Baumholder, Germany


I know for "me" that glucose tablets don't work ... it may be an individual 
thing .. as OJ never works for me either.  Depending on how low I am ... I 
use either "smarties" or 7 Pixie Stix .. however when below 50 ( around 30 
to mid 40's), I find 7 Pixie Sticks and half cup of reg coke helps me 

DX'd 1981,Pump start: 02/27/02- Finally decided to GO FOR IT !!!!!!!

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