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[IP] Re: Diet Mountain Dew

Jeff wrote:

snip>>The second highest ingredient in Diet Mt. Dew, including 
caffeine free, which is what I'm reading from, is concentrated orange 
juice.  It does, indeed, say it has 0% carbs.<<

Hi Jeff,

If orange juice is listed in the ingredients, then by law, cannot 
have more than a trace amount, less than 1 carb for the entire can. 
If you feel it isn't accurate, you could pursue it with the FDA. 
That's what I would do.  They are supposed to make sure ingredient 
listings are accurate.  Companies can get away with a lot of false or 
mis-leading advertising, like "Low-Fat" (low fat if you only eat one 
serving which amounts to a tiny, tiny amount) or "chicken in every 
bite" (no chicken at all in ingredient listing but something added to 
taste like chicken).  There is no restriction on this kind of thing, 
but they can't falsely list ingredients and nutritional count label 
information.  I pay no attention to what the front of the product 
says, but read the ingredient and nutrition labels.

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o pumping Noah, dx at age 9, and,
Micah, age 11
wife to Steve
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