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Re: [IP] Stats

On 9 Feb 2002 at 14:31, email @ redacted wrote:

> On  02/09/2002 12:51:55 PM CST   writes, 
> > > There are only 4% of pumpers out there that wear animas.
> > > There are 20%of pumpers out there that wear d-tron h-tron pumps
> > > There are 72%of pumpers out there that wear minimed pumps
> > Nice Stats - but where are they from? STrictly US or does it include world
> > wide? 
> It has to be in the US.  My mom's family is from Europe, and they hardly ever
> hear of another pump besides the Disetronic.  I guess that's because it is a
> Swiss company, but it is the leading seller in Europe.

These are the Stats from the Insulin Pumpers Stat files.  They DO include responses from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Israel to mention some of the non-US 
countries.  MORE Importantly EVERYONE should ask the question of themselves  "DO these STATS include ME???"      If you can't answer "Yes" to this question, then 
you need to go to:


(For Username enter your email address in ALL LOWER case letter and "pumper" for the password)

Fill out this Stat record, hit Submit at the bottom of the page, double-check responses on the next page and hit Send if correct.  You will receive a confirmation email to 
your subscribed address.  Reply this back to finish the Stat Record process.    (If you are an AOL member, you can't simply hit "reply". You must first highlight the entire 
contents of the letter from the statistics robot and THEN hit reply. Otherwise, you will only send back a blank message. An alternative is to click your right mouse button 
and choose "select all" and then reply. Some of the other e-mail programs may work this way too)

George     :>)
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