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Re: [IP] Severe Lows

I have found the quickest way to increase blood sugars, especially when they 
are at a danger level, is to eat several Little Debbie Oatmeal Cremes.  They 
have always worked for me and work quickly.

Funny thing about glucose levels.  There have been times I have been down to 
the 20's and 30's and can get myself out of it, as long as someone is nearby 
insisting that I eat them.  At that point, I usually have lost all sense of 
reality and cannot admit to myself that I need some sugar.  Yet, at other 
times, I have been in the hospital emergency room, on life support, with the 
same glucose readings.  I suspect an endocrinologist could explain why this 
happens, but I certainly do not have the expertise to do so, despite the fact 
I've been an Insulin Dependent Diabetic for 49 years.

I am now on the Disetronic pump and my blood sugars have never gone this low 
since the time I first used the new technology.  Blood sugars have ranged 
between 70-140  90% of the time.  That's much better control than I had using 
Lentus, which was supposed to not have highs and lows.  Unfortunately, this 
was not the case, in my situation.  My last visit to the emergency room, with 
a Blood Sugar reading of 29, was while I was on Lentus, and I was combative, 
suffered seizures and was semi conscious for approximately two hours.   I do 
think the pump is the way to go!!   Will let you know.   I have never had 
success with the Glucagon tablets and they are not what I would call tasty.  
Try the Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Cookies....they worked for me.
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