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Re: [IP] Severe Lows

<< Do glucose tabs truly raise your sugar faster than lets say orange juice 
or what
I normally use; smarties candies?? I've never used the glucose tabs, the 
candys usually do the trick within 15 minutes.

Just curious,

Michael >>

No, not in my experience.  Glucose tabs take the same amount of time as 
Smarties (or SweetTarts, which is my other choice).  When I said that you 
can't get any faster than glucose tabs, I didn't mean to imply that other 
fat-free, all-sugar candies were slower--just that most of those comparable 
simple carbs take around 15 minutes.  However, when my BG is in the 20s and 
I'm having a panic attack, 15 minutes is an eternity.   ;-)

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