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Re: [IP] Severe Lows

> It seems that glucose tablets are not doing the job fast enough
> so after eating 4 or 5 of them(sometimes I have even eaten 10 of them) I
> drink some o.j.with 2 teaspoons of sugar. Trying to wait for the tablets
> start working seems like an eternity when you are sweating,shaking and are
> just out of it.

> Hi Kathy,
> Glucose tabs are about as fast as you can get

> Leeann
I have been using glucose tabs for many years, but have always found them
inadequate for severe lows. For borderline lows, e.g. 60-80, they bring up
to normal with no rebound. But for readings under 60, they just don't work,
either not fast and/or strong enough.

For example, last night, I got up and my bg was 56. I took five glucose tabs
and went back to bed. (I decided to try this specifically because of this
thread) When I got up several hours later, my bg was 57. Not much help!

What I usually do is eat at least 30g of raisins or 30g of orange juice--no
fat and fast acting, and little rebound. For outside of the house, I carry a
couple of York mints--some (but not much) fat and also fast acting, modest

I remember when I was taking my pumping classes and my CDE told me each
glucose tab raises the bg 20 points, as though it were a law. I think its
very much a YMMV thing. Try different remedies and stick with 1) what works
and 2) what does not result in sharp rebounds.

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