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Re: [IP] Latest endo visit and weight

Jay, congrats on getting your A1c down to 6.5.  My most recent one was
7.0, the lowest it's been for quite a while.  I've been on the pump about
3 years and have been excercising steadily for the last 2 years, an hour
three-four times a week.  I was intrigued by what your doctor said about
pre-meal bg and reducing your basal rate.  I'm not clear on how that
alone would work, can you help???  I also have gained about 45 pounds
over the last six years I have been diabetic.  I now excercise more than
I ever have; weight doesn't budge.

I take about 45-50 units of insulin a day; how much do you take?  I am
Type 1, are you?  I have had a history of bouncing bg, lots of highs and
lows, so I figure part of the weight is a result of chasing lows.

If I've missed something, forgive me, but if you have any info that I can
use to get this extra weight off, PLEASE let me know.  I'm out of


Peggy Haeger
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