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RE: [IP] Re: Do adult basals change?

I will tell you this...I am not premenopausal(I am 35), but when I have
"hormone things" going on(the week before my period)it is much more
difficult to get my bg down.  I am talking...300+ and I bolus 8 units in
the middle of the night(no food) and still am at 200 when I get up in
the morning.

I have had endometriosis since I was about 15,and have had a long and
detailed reproductive history. My OB said at my last delivery 6 yrs ago,
that I would be back for a hysterectomy before I was 40.  He was right.
It's not the endometriosis pain/discomfort as much as it is the sky high
bg every month.  I could probably tolerate the pain, but the bgs are
ruining a week of every month.  So....we are using the endometriosis to
justify the surgery(the pain is not good), but the straw that broke the
camel's back is the days on end of outrageous bg.  I have tried to
figure a pattern and change my basals,and (I'm sure you know this) there
is no pattern or rhyme or reason.

All this to say that other people are out there in the same boat, and
you are not alone.  It is so upsetting to "do everything right" and
still get rotten bg though, isn't it?

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