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Re: [IP] Advice on sets

<<email @ redacted wrote:
Gabe will start pumping a week from today with a loaner Mini Med 508 pump.  
He will pump basals at first and then we will bolus when I am satisfied I 
know how to do the basals.  .....  The choice of sets is up to us.  Any advice
for us novices?  Or suggestions?>>

Congratulations!  That's a big move.  While the "best" set for someone is
definitely a YMMV thing, I'm going to recommend the QuickSet or the Paradigm
version of it.  I know quite a few kid pumpers & it's so far the >90% favorite
set for them & their parents to use.  It sticks well for us, Luke has a
really easy time with the disconnect, and the inserter is easy to use.  We 
have had some problems with QS's in Luke's muscular tummy so if Gabe is
really lean you may want the Silhouettes instead.

Also, for our then 6-yr old, jumping fully into pumping worked better than
trying to ease into it.  I personally would not want to do a mix of pumping &
shots because Luke loved the idea of getting away from shots.   It sounds like
Gabe is very easy-going, so I'm sure that you'll be successful, but I do want
to warn you that the early pumping days can be frustrating as you learn what
works best.  You might consider changing the pace if you feel like it's a ton
of work to do both.  

Good luck & let us know how we can help.
Shelly V, Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 (what a great 11

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