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[IP] Re: Do adult basals change?

In a message dated 2/8/02 10:57:08 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< My basals change frequently and they change a lot. Since I started the 
pump, they have varied between 0.3 u/h and 1.5 u/h....I can go months with a 
single basal (generally 0.7 u/h) and then have periods of changes between 
fixed basal plateaus as often as every few days.

I had the same kinds of changes while using injections for over 25 years. 
It's just easier to spot now that I've forsaken long-acting insulin. There 
appears to be no interest in the clinical medical community ... or the IP 
members in this kind of basal variation.>> 

Gosh, Andy, I hope it's not that you are really a woman who's been going 
through menopause for the over 25 years!  Sounds like my experience during 
the past year!

But, more seriously <gr.>, I too have had fluctuations in my insulin needs in 
my adult years without obvious cause.  Until recent years, I couldn't 
quantify them very well, but a 40-50% change as a middle-aged adult had been 
pretty common.  I have had doctors who insisted I must be doing something 
different, and others who just encouraged me to relax about it (but I 
suspected that they, too, thought it was something I was doing, they just 
weren't into the blaming mode).  I have decided in recent years that I have a 
sharp change in insulin need with just a pound of two difference in weight 
around 120 pounds -- maybe there are other "critical" points in my body that 
I haven't picked up on yet.  Menopause has made a 3-fold change pretty 
common.  I test a lot!  

Linda Z 
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