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[IP] New found knowledge

Hi all,
Well I do not post very often anymore because I am going to college to
become a nurse. I am writing this time because I am taking my first Anatomy
& Physiology class this semester and all I can say is "WOW!"  We have only
covered three chapters so far and a lot of bits and pieces I knew about my
diabetes is coming together now and evening changing from what I thought was
going on.
I would recommend that all diabetics get a basic class like this.  Just go
to your local community college and take it for fun or audit it. (That's
cheap)  You will be surprised at what you already know and what you will
learn about the human body and how diabetes plays a part in what's going on
in your own body. (It's truly amazing how we keep ourselves alive every
second of the day)

By the way I learned that proteins do effect blood sugar. Because protein is
an amino acid molecule joined to a sugar molecule.  And when proteins are
digested that bond breaks releasing the sugar.

Oh and I have a quick question.  Is anyone on the list participating in the
INGAP study here in San Antonio? I'm trying to get in but no one returns my
phone calls after I leave messages.

Happy pumping All!!!
Sheila Morris
Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX
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