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Re: [IP] Re: leader

In a message dated 2/8/02 9:52:05 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  It all depends on how you define "leader". Is it the most sales, quality
of the product, or level of research for future development?  Although I
believe Minimed is currently the longest producing pump company which
probably is the main reason they have sold the most pumps, I am not sure
I would define them the leader for that reason.

We picked Animas for a variety of reasons, mostly because I believe the
quality of their product was best for our daughter's needs.For that
reason, I would call Animas the leader. >>

There are only 4% of pumpers out there that wear animas.
There are 20%of pumpers out there that wear d-tron h-tron pumps
There are 72%of pumpers out there that wear minimed pumps
I would call that good sales good service and the leader in the pump field,to 
have so many diabetic's out there like me who trust minimed's pump with thier 
life's it's plain to see who has all the trust But thats just me, part of the 
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