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[IP] Latest endo visit and weight

Well, I finally got my hgA1C back from my Thanksgiving/Christmas vacations.  
It was 6.5, which I was surprised about.  I was not AT all good during the 
holidays, so I expected a "let's do better" pep talk.  I'm managing my stress 
levels better with Wellbutrin and the levels have consistently gone down, so 
I'm happy.  

I was one of the people who gained a lot of weight after starting on the 
pump.  I do use Humalog in it, and I use A LOT of it.  Since my hgA1C is back 
down in normal range, the doc wants me to get serious about losing some 
weight.  He said I can do it by keeping my pre-meal BG below 120 and then 
start reducing my basal rates by .1 across the board.  When my body adjusts, 
I do it again.  I've had the extra 40 pounds on for four years now, so I'm 
ready to get it off.  So far, it hasn't caused me a lot of health problems, 
but I don't feel nearly as good as I used to.  I can't wait to start trying 
to reduce my insulin requirements so I can drop some extra baggage.

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