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[IP] Why Do I Do This?

I too am guilty of overdoing it.  

This past week, I have encountered at least 2 lows a day - early in the 
morning when getting up and at night before bed.  It has been as low as in 
the 40's on several occasions and this is when I seem to overdo it.  

I usually eat 4 glucose tabs and wait 15-30 minutes and recheck, but with it 
that low, I am adding 4-6 ounces of juice to the glucose tabs.  With it being 
1st thing in the morning I add breakfast to this and by lunch I am back to 

I cannot figure out why I am going low so late at night, because I eat dinner 
and a snack and try to underbolus for fear of going low at during the night.  

My favorite is a Snicker bar - which I know is not a good thing to treat a 
low with because of the fat content and it slowing down the metabolization of 
the sugars but  they ae so YUMMY!!!!

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