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[IP] Re: Pump vs. injections


For our family, the pump is much easier than MDI.  And we used MDI 
for two years before getting the pump.  YUCK!!  I was constantly 
trying to figure out the peaks and unpredictable action of NPH, and 
then Ultralente.  Add to that the worry of letting Noah sleep longer 
than he should, skipping a bedtime snack, not wanting to eat if he 
wasn't feeling well, getting too much or too little exercise, and on 
and on and on.  Plus, having to carry all those supplies!  Worrying 
about not letting the insulin get too warm or too cold, etc., etc.

Even without the ease of care and mind the pump has provided; if I 
only measured its value on just how much better Noah feels and how it 
has improved the quality in just about every aspect of his life, it 
would be well worth it for that alone!

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o pumping Noah, dx at age 9 and
Micah, age 11
wife to Steve
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