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Re: [IP] Advice on sets

In a message dated 2/8/2002 4:26:18 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  There is a possibility that the CDE will convince 
>  MiniMed to ship her a Paradigm to start with since the doctor's practice 
> uses 
>  350 or more pumps; but we don't know yet.
>  The choice of sets is up to us.  Any advice for us novices?  Or 

If you are going to be using the Paradigm, the CDE will need to make sure to 
get you some of the special Paradigm infusion sets to go with it (these 
infusion sets are a proprietary design that can only be used on the Paradigm, 
and you can't use any other sets currently available -- including Minimed's 
other sets -- on the Paradigm).  

The last I heard (on a Minimed chat on IP last summer) Minimed was going to 
be producing Paradigm versions of their three most popular sets: The 
Silhouette, The Quick-Set, & The Soft-Set -- and one of these three should 
work just fine for Gabe.   Probably, all three will work well and almost 
certainly one of them will.  It's another one of those YMMV things.  If you 
end up with a 508 instead of the Paradigm to start with, there are already 
non-Paradigm versions of each of these three types of sets available.  Also, 
all three of these sets have insertion devices if that's something that Gabe 
would prefer over a manual insertion (it's an individual thing -- some prefer 
the inserter, others prefer to feel around for a good spot and do the 
insertion themselves -- your pump trainer should have inserters for you to 
look at and try out). 

You can go to the Minimed web site and check out their online store to see 
pictures and descriptions of the various sets.  Along with choosing which set 
to try first (My Katie loves the Quick-Sets -- but there are plenty of fans 
of the Sils and the Soft-Sets, too), Gabe will need to decide whether he 
prefers long tubing or short (each has it's pros & cons -- another individual 
preference thing).   The Sils (which have an angled insertion come in one 
cannula length (at least as far as I know), but the Soft-sets & the 
Quick-Sets that have the cannula inserting straight in (90 degrees angle to 
the skin) have two lengths of cannula.  Since Gabe is on the thin side, he 
would probably want to start with the "micro" (shorter) cannula length if he 
chooses the Quick-sets or Soft-Sets.

Hopefully, your pump trainer will have samples of the various sets that you 
and Gabe can see & touch before making a decision.  That's really the best 
way to choose the first set you're going to try out . . .

Happy pumping!

Pumpmama to Katie
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