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Re: [IP] Why Do I Do This?


There have been numerous times that I have done the same thing. I think it is
all part and parcel of the whole denial thing. It is very frustrating and
unfortunately a very bad habit that gets ingrained into the brain. I am not
sure about you, but I know that this thought goes through my mind..."I know
I'm low, but I don't want to disturb anybody else...I only have X amount of
time till the meeting is over with, I can last out that long" I try really
hard to NOT do this anymore. unfortunately, like I said before, it gets
ingrained into me, and I have a hard time fighting it. I try to keep something
on me now...(it also helps if you have understanding people around you....

Sorry to ramble on...

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  From: Rowe, Kelly
  Anyone else experience such craziness?  How do you handle situations like

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