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[IP] Re: Do adult basals change?

Hi Barbara,

> I know that children's basal rates fluctuate, but what about an
> older person with no illness, hormones kicking in or anything like
> that?... Do I need to change the basals for the offending hours?
> They worked so well for several months.

My basals change frequently and they change a lot. Since I started the
pump, they have varied between 0.3 u/h and 1.5 u/h.

I know it's the basal because, for instance, I'll go to bed with a
good bg without having eaten in the previous 3-4 hours and wake up
with a super high bg. Then, I'll feel "sluggish" until I raise the
basal. Once the basal is raised, everything returns to normal: I react
normally to every bolus, I sleep without incurring AM hyperglycemia,
and I don't have excessive reactions. That is, until the basal drops.

I can go months with a single basal (generally 0.7 u/h) and then have
periods of changes between fixed basal plateaus as often as every few

I had the same kinds of changes while using injections for over 25
years. It's just easier to spot now that I've forsaken long-acting
insulin. IOW, now I can react *immediately* to such changes. When I
took injections, I first had to wait for the long-acting insulin to
run its course.

I get a real kick when parents talk about difficulties caused by their
kids' hormonal changes. I'm sure, though I can't prove it, that
hormonal changes are responsible for the basal changes I've been
living with for over 30 years. I sure wish I knew which hormone(s?)
was responsible and how to measure it, much less control it. I don't
and I've given up trying. There appears to be no interest in the
clinical medical community (where I just get shoulder shrugs) or the
research community (restoring insulin is the holy grail) or the IP
members in this kind of basal variation. Either most people just don't
experience this problem or they don't notice it when it happens --
they can't see the signal for the noise.

All this, of course, is strictly YMMV.

regards, Andy
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