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[IP] Quality of Life/Pumping

My life is SO much easier on the pump!!  When I was on MDI - I always had to 
carry a purse or bag with my syringes and insulin in it along with snacks, 
glucose tabs and candy.

Now with the pump, I make sure I have enough insulin in he resevoir and I 
grab my meter and I am on the go.  I still carry glucose tabs and a small 
snack with me (just in case), but I find that I can leave everything in the 
car if I want to and just have the pump with me - which is no bog deal, 
because I have always hooked to a pager or cell phone so the carry the pump 
on my belt or hook it to my waistband is no big deal!!!

I can sleep late, work late, eat or not eat and not have to worry about when 
I am going to crash from the NPH.  It has changes my life and my husbands 
life for the better.

Just my 2 cents worth...

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