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We've made it!! Feb 6th, 2002 Pump and I celebrated our one year anniversary!!  Now you
might be wondering how we are doing. Is this relationship as perfect as some others say?
Well let me tell you how it is for us.

As with any relationship, we have had our ups and downs (300-20),  our share of
disagreements......(you can't possible be outta insulin!! It's 3 in the morning!!) and sure
there have been times when I have really gotten caught up (tubing tubing tubing) in this
relationship of ours. But I now have someone to do everything with and I am rarely ever

Sure there are times I would like Pump not to be so close to me, (sleeping under my back!!)
but when you love something you will make allowances (and room).  

We've grown through all of this, really close at times (60mm) and drifted a bit apart
(110mm) at others, but we have always, through it all, stayed connected to each other. 

I can say, with one hundred percent assurance and truthfulness, that I love pump and will
always do my best to make this relationship of ours work!

So to all you out there who are in a relationship like mine, I would like to encourage you
to hang in there. Trust me here, this relationship is better then the one I had with

T. Ann (26)
(Juvie diabetic for 24 years, and have more freedom, and been in better health, in the last
year then any other time in my life)
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