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[IP] Re: Quality of Life pumping

In a message dated 2/7/02 12:46:17 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
> When people ask me if pumping has made things easier (I'm mom to 12yo 
> pumper)
> I say NO WAY.  But her health is what matters so we do it.  It is not hard
> because
> we are doing it wrong.  We are on top of things - and it is WORK.  All the
> extra
> testing and corrections, illness, basal checks/changes, bad sets, 
> unexpected
> set changes,
> NORMAL set changes, logging, etc. are constant.  No matter how good we are 
> at
> it all,
> it is HARD.  We were living in a dream world when we thought it would be
> easier than
> injections.  NO WAY!  Holly

This is just another example of YMMV!  I have found pumping for my 7 year old 
child so much easier than injections.  Its like my life has returned to me.  
I dreaded every injection, every night having to creep into her room when she 
was asleep to give her late night dose of NPH.  Never knowing what her bgs 
would be, always being uptight when her Granny wanted to give her a big pack 
of sweets, hating every bg test and seeing numbers over 400 often, hating 
seeing my poor baby with headaches and tummy aches from all the stress, etc. 
     Now mornings are a breeze--Claire is happy to test her bgs now (she 
wasn't pre-pump) and no needle first thing in the morning.  Its so easy to 
measure out her cereal, weigh it and compute the carbs--now she eats Frosted 
Flakes if she wants. I just find it so much easier overall.  Yes, set changes 
take us about 20 minutes, but it is only every 3-4 days.  She cries for 
these, but its only every 3-4 days instead of twice daily.  I don't always 
record all the carbs, as long as I am giving the right ratio of insulin and 
often catch up on the log books from the meter memory.  I have also never 
done any fasting basal or bolus checks--it was just too hard, but I'm very 
confident that we have it worked out very well for now.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7  
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