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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #97

     Hi there. My name is Leo and I have been a diabetic since I was 12 years 
old; that's 37 years and about 40,000 insulin injections ago. I have been 
wearing a MiniMed 508 for about 5 months now and like the change very much. I 
have been reading the discussions I find here with interest and have learned 
a lot from them and I have a question. 
     Is it just me or MiniMed or what? It seems like the software was 
designed kind of backwards. I have to now find the carb counts of the various 
foods I am about to eat, add them together and then divide (in my case) by 8. 
If I should die suddenly my 'obits' will probably read, "Apparent cause of 
death, Math Error." I mean no kidding, except for the relatively rare times I 
have to change the machine's settings I don't really need to know that I use 
1 unit of insulin to cover 8 carbs.
     Why don't they design software to enable diabetics to key in the amount 
of carbs they wish to cover and then let the machine do the math? 
     Ideally it would accept multiple entries so that no 'mental math' would 
have to take place at all. A person would just key in the value for milk, 
say, and then the bread, and then the fruit, etc. In the near future pumps 
could be made to contain a foods data base so that when a person like myself 
can't recall just how many carbs are in an orange or whatever, the machine 
could help with that also. Additionally, when a 'high' blood sugar is to be 
covered that also should be 'mathless'. You would just key in every BS value 
no matter what it was. The pump would record this (and provide the good 
doctors with insulin, blood sugar and carbs eaten when 'records' when 
prompted) and if a blood sugar was high, cover it.
     Sounds like a lot? Well....my pump and initial startup materials cost 
around $8000 and cannot do what I have described above. My PDA cost about $99 
and probably could.
     At the bare minimum the pump should at least include a calculator 
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