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Re: [IP] Spot's reply to Endo's and A1Cs Maureen's vent

Spot, you wrote in your reply, "non diabetics just don't get it."  Please,
don't think all non-diabetics don't get it because, believe me, many of us
do (right non-D: caring spouses/significant others, Moms and Dads?)!  I'm
the one who got Hubby linked with an endo years ago, I'm the one who
followed through to get him linked with a great endo after we moved.  I have
more knowledge and insight into the day-to-day needs, care, and turmoil of
diabetes than Hubby does. I'm the one who sees what happens to him, and can
empathize with all he's going through.   I've been the one to take the time
to learn.   If somehow I could become the one who has diabetes instead of
him, I would gladly do it.
Some people with diabetes feel they can do whatever they want because "I
took my pill(s)" or "I took my (set dose)shot(s)" without comprehension of
how what they're doing isn't what will help them (we have friends like
this-one in particular has stopped doing his once a day A M fasting glucose
test because he's been getting reading over 200, has basically stopped
eating,  and won't call his doctor; have lost too soon-death- friends who
were like this), but that doesn't mean people should say all people with
diabetes are like that.  I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.
It's like when Hubby's blood sugar is higher than anticipated, and someone
says, "Well, what didn't you do, Mike?"  We all know that you can do
everything as you should, and still have wacko readings.  We try to educate
as much as possible those who don't know.  Yes, many times there are
non-caring significant others, but there are a whole lot of us out there who
care, and who hurt because a loved one has diabetes.
Maureen, you have every right to feel angry and frustrated.  I hope the bf
wakes up and realizes that he needs to be a rock solid support for you and
to learn all he can from you about what will help you the most.  And yes,
you do need to have a more stable and supportive doctor.  You don't need the
unnecessary stress of that group.
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