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Re: [IP] Statistic

> A while back someone posted a statistic that more people die and
> become disabled from diabetes than any other disease. I would like
> to use this information in my fundraising campaign for Team
> Diabetes/American Diabetes Association but feel uncomfortable doing
> so without appropriate attribution. I have tried but can't find a
> source on my own. Can anyone help? Thanks, Deanna dxed IDDM 9/92,
> pumped 1/10/02



down about 10 lines or so
"Diabetes Statistics"

If you follow the links on this page you will find the "official" 
stats. They are a few years old and include only death certs listing 
diabetes as a cause of death. When you consider other causes of death 
such as heart disease, kidney failure, etc... where the underlying 
cause is diabetes but the person died because of a heart attack or 
whatever, the numbers are much higher. Diabetes alone was the 7th 
highest cause of death with almost 200,000 recorded in 1996.

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