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RE: [IP] Quality of Life/Pumping

I think that if I were taking one shot a day, I probably would take the
shot over the pump.  However, I was taking 5+shots a day, and that was
terrible.  I kept it up until I was able to get my pump. But that would
not have been an option for me if I had thought it was for the rest of
my life.
I think that people have to weigh the pros and cons of MDI and pumps.  I
know for me, I feel soooo much better and I like taking my pump and
meter.  I think it depends on what you want from your insulin therapy,
your personality, and  your lifestyle in general.

I like only having to deal with insulin when I change sets.  As long as
I have my strips for checks and the pump, I am free.

Yes, it takes more thought(basals, boluses, etc.), but I think for most
on this bulletin board, it is something everyone thinks is positive in
our lives.
Just my opinion.

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