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Re:[IP]diet mt.dew and high bgs

i have had the same problem with diet mt. dew and diet sundrop( sundrop is 
a deep south version of mt. dew) they both have tons of caffeine and oj.
phil davis mm508
rock hill sc

At 06:26 PM 2/6/02 -0800, you wrote:
>ok, here's a funny one that happens to me occasionally. it doesn't happen
>often, but enough to make me wonder what's going on.  sometimes when i drink
>a can of diet mountain dew, yes diet, the sugar free, no carbs, diet dew, i
>get a jump in my blood sugar! when this happens, i look back at what i ate,
>how much insulin i took, what my last bg was and how long ago, and i cannot
>find ANY possible clue!!!  no other diet soda does this to me, and again,
>it's only on occasion. has anyone else experienced a similar reaction?  i'm
>sure there's a logical explanation, but i sure don't know what it is!
>thanks!  also, thanks to all who responded to my plea for reassurance on my
>first A1C.  it was much appreciated.
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