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Re: [IP] Quality of Life/Pumping

Jef Said:

>Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't think that pumping is >harder 
>or easier than MDI. Lifestyle-wise, I believe it is FAR easier. >I can't 
>imagine having to carry around syringes and insulin like I did >before. Now 
>all I need is my pump and my meter and I'm good to go.

I'm probably in the minority with my statement here that pumping is *MUCH* 
harder than when I was on shots.  I'd honestly rather be back on syringes - 
one shot every morning and I don't have to think about anything else for the 
rest of my day.  On the pump, I'm eating *way* less because my sugars are so 
high (and the insulin is having almost no effect) I can't stand to even look 
at food half the time.

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