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Re: [IP] Quality of Life/Pumping

I think it's different for every parent . . . For us, pumping is easier for 
Katie and on our family AND on me.  Putting together meals and snacks on a 
strict schedule was very stressful for us and really interfered with our 
daily schedule which, pre-dx,   varied greatly from day to day and week to 
week depending on whether my husband was traveling or working at home, and 
when school, community,  or sports activities were scheduled, etc. etc.  

On the pump, Katie's control is better, lows are fewer and milder, she feels 
so much better overall, and quality of life is substantially improved for all 
of us.  It took a while to get come up with a system that worked well for 
everybody, but now pumping takes no more time and effort that MDI did and it 
is definitely less hassle and stress.  

Also, since Katie has a congenital heart condition, we've really appreciated 
how the pump has made it so much easier for her to adjust her insulin to 
match her exercise levels, that to try to deal with it through snacks or 
glucose tabs to avoid lows.  She also likes that the pump lets her be more 
independent in her diabetes management at school and when she's at friends 

I know a lot of people feel that pumping is more work than MDI, and maybe I 
would agree if we'd spent more time getting used to MDI.  Katie hated the 
shots (though she did them herself after the first few weeks).  And we all 
hated how unpredictable the NPH was for her.  We spent only 7 months on shots 
and Katie's now been a pumper for going on 9 months and we all agree that --  
*for us*  -- shots were more work and more stress with much lesser results . 
. . **For us ** pumping is the only way to go (until there's a cure or an 
every better technology) . . .

Pumpmama to Katie (11, dx @9) happily pumping with her Animas pump "Elvis" 
since 6-1-01
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