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[IP] re:quality of life/pumping

> .  We were living in a dream world when we thought it would be
> easier than
> injections.  NO WAY!  Holly

I agree with all you have said EXCEPT I believe my daughter's life is
easier....no more going to the clinic to test or dose insulin (except in
wacko times) and sleeping late, and eating at weird times (like midnight on
New Year's Eve), free snacks in the grocery store...I could go on and
on.....my life? yep, harder...do I care?...no....she is 8 years old and knows
some freedom for the first time in four and one half years.......
- -*******---*******
Beverly, Mom to Mary, 8, dx'd 9/97, pumping, and Nick, who is now nine!

i agree 100% beverly  !our daughter is now 4, and was diagnosed at 12 months
old. i love that she can sleep late, eat or not when she wants, what she wants
(within reason ;)
ii could tell lots of stories of times when it has made her life so much more
'normal'. it is so great for her to be able to have this flexibility, that i
think the extra work is worth it.
plus, being able to deal with highs immediately and correct. the short term
and long term benifits are so great. the extra work is part of the deal, but i
actually think that constantly having to worry about what and when she was
going to eat next was hard in its own way.

mom to shifra
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