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[IP] diet mountain dew and high bg's

Subject: Re: [IP] diet mountain dew and high bg's

>has anyone else experienced a similar reaction?  i'm
>sure there's a logical explanation, but i sure don't
know what it is!

Is there fruit juice in the Dew?  I've never had a
Mountain Dew, so I'm 
exactly sure what it tastes like.  Its like Diet
Sunkist sodas.  
sweetened with orange (or whatever) juice, but they
can still be called 
"diet" because there is no refined sugar or corn syrup
in it.
diet is not an fda defined word. they are very careful
to say that diet has no meaning. if a drink has fruit
juice in it it will have carbs. All fruit juice has
carbs. if you don't like carbs in your soda try
Fresca. it has nothing real in it: Artificially
sweetened, artificially colored, imitation citrus
flavoured beverage. it isn't half bad. or the old tab.
People i know like the Dew because of its high caffine
content! its almost as high as Jolt Cola which won the
programming tool of the year award several years ago.

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