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RE: [IP] Re:Maureen Reagan, endos, and a1cs

I responded to a later post, and then saw this original.  Yes, it seems
like we slip backwards.  I want to scream(and usually do, in addition to
crying)when I get bad bgs for no apparent reason.
However, I also realize that the bad days are few compared to what I was
doing prior to the pump.
I think that I expected that as long as I behaved myself with regard to
diet and exercise, that I would be in total control of my bg when I
started pumping.  It's disheartening to realize that even though you are
hooked up 24/7 you are still not totally in control.  I try to remain
positive because my A1C was 13+ before the pump, and I think that 7.2 is
so much better!  Yes, I would like to be perfect, but I am glad to be
working on it and trying my best.  Hope this encourages you...I know we
all have our down days...Feel better!

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