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RE: [IP] Re:Maureen Reagan, endos, and a1cs

The post was about feeling really good most days.
I felt so bad for so long that it was a shock the day that I realized
that I actually felt good.  It was a surprise for me to consciously
realize that I felt good.  I started thinking back and realized that I
had not really felt good since before I was dxed.  That was 16 yrs ago.
It's sad to think back and realize that you felt bad for that many
years. It seems like such a waste.  It also makes me thank goodness for
my pump.  While it is not perfect, it is a lot better than what I was
doing.  Now, 2 1/2 months after starting the pump, I can say that I feel
good most days.  Feeling good is something a lot of folks take for
granted.  It makes me not worry about being "hooked up" to a machine
24/7.  It makes me love my pump.
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