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[IP] Re: boy scouts and diabetics

In a message dated 2/6/02 11:20:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> <<Does anyone have opinions on how safe it is for an 11 yr old pumper to 
> join
> the Boy Scouts with their monthly overnite camping trips etc? My son's
> diabetes can be fairly erratic and I still get up nightly to check his 
> blood
> sugar.  I get nervous letting him spend the night at friends' houses- I
> can't imagine him out in the woods overnite.  Am I being overprotective or
> realistic? Any suggestions?>>

Hi Kathy,
     I don't think you are being overprotective, just being a good Mum.  If 
he is keen to join Scouts there are a couple of ways you might handle this.
     Is he thinking of joining a particular pack that his friends go to?  
Because if not, you could phone the head office in your town and there may be 
a leader of a group that has DM or direct experience with it, or one that 
already has a DM child.  This may help somewhat.
     Also, my experience with Cubs and Scouts in 3 different areas, is that 
the groups can vary a lot.  Monthly camp-outs?  Wow, that is a lot, I think 3 
a year is more typical of the groups I know of.  Some leaders are much more 
"into It'.  Maybe a group with a less strenuous camping schedule would work 
better for your son.  
     You know he could join scouts and not go on the camps, if he didn't mind 
that too much.  My son (non DM) was sick for 2 years and last year went to 
Scouts but none of the camps. He was still voted by his peers to be the scout 
in his group "that most lives up to the ideals of scouting".  He has just 
started Scouts here after Christmas, as we have moved across the country.  
Last weekend they had a winter camp and he didn't go.  We were worried that 
his improving health could be set back by 2 nights sleeping in the snow, 
after a 2 kilometre hike carrying all the gear, coupled with much less sleep 
than he needs to have.   
     If your son wanted to go on the camps, you could volunteer to go too.  I 
know a Mum here who went on all the camps with her DM son for Cubs (he wasn't 
on a pump).  Her complaint--the leaders snored so much she couldn't sleep!  I 
think that they often need female volunteers, as now most packs are allowing 
girls to join. 
Hope that you can work something out, as Scouts can be lots of fun for boys 
and girls.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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