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Re: [IP] Chinese food - Success!

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><< Pat Wrote: I don't understand why the dose of the squarewave bolus is
related to
>>your basal rates rather than to amount of food that you eat. Can you
explain this?
>I don't understand what the basal has to do with it either. I eat pizza and
>chinese food once in awhile. I do a dualwave bolus which works well. I
>my carbs, then my bolus that i need, then i do like 30% percent of that
>over like 6hrs. I never change my basal. that is news to me as well.  >>

I DO use a temporary basal, but for the simple reason that on the MM507c, if
you use a square wave bolus, you can't interrupt it to bolus for an
unexpected snack, whereas you can get the same amount of insulin with the
temp. basal, AND be able to have that cookie that's calling out so loudly in
the middle of the time period.

Natalie ._c-
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