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[IP] Re: Help! Does anyone know about prednizolin(steroid) causing Diabetes?

In a message dated 2/7/02 11:27:07 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Thanks for all of the replys about the prednizone. It seems more children 
have been affected by it than adults. >>

Trena, that may just be due to the nature of this list.  When my sister 
became diabetic while on decadron (also a corticosteroid, which are also 
known as glucocorticoids), the doctor told me this was not uncommon -- but it 
was controllable with oral meds till shortly before her death (of the brain 
tumor for which the decadron had been prescribed), so acted like type 2 
diabetes.  My impression is that steroids, by causing an increase in the need 
for insulin, can bring out a previously undiagnosed diabetes or tendency 
toward diabetes.  As can other things, such as weight gain, illness, stress, 
etc.  I would guess there are a whole lot more type 2s this has happened to, 
many of whom didn't get to the point of using insulin, much less a pump. 
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