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RE: [IP] Grrr.. Meter problems at 3:00 AM

Yes!  It generally happens late in the week when I am wearing down from
a work week(I have 4 kids who help to wear me out.)Like this morning I
got up at 235.  I have the Dawn Phen. really bad---I bump up my basal to
1.0 at 2 a.m. through 7 a.m. from .8.  It still doesn't help me that
much.  I agree that I spike after a low at night...the other night I was
at 42 and in 2 hours after 2 glucose tabs I was at 297.  That is
ridiculous and very frustrating.
I think that when you get up with a baby your body doesn't quite know
what to think.   I think that with D, every little thing affects your
bg.  That proves that the environment/living conditions have a huge
effect on our bodies that don't show up in "regular" people...i.e.,
sickness, stress, etc.
I hope you get some sleep and things get better.
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