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Re: [IP] boy scouts & diabetics

Being a Scoutmaster and pumping for  16 months, as well as having an Eagle
scout son who has been pumping for 10 months, let me give you my 3 cents.

You need to educate his scout leaders in all aspects of testing, pumping,
meals, lows, and what can and can't be eaten. Make sure they know facts not
folk wisdom about what he can be doing.

Does he have a father who can go along on outings and help him out? If his
troop is well-run and truly uses the "patrol method", older scouts should be
available to assist him.

Finally, increased physical activity on an outing greatly affect bgs. When
back-packing, I suspend the pump and still snack on the trail (approx 10
carbs per hour). Spending a week at summer camp, which involves walking at
least ten miles a day (one mile round trip to the dining hall alone), I find
that I need to decrease my boluses by 25-50%. Of course, that is my
experience, a product of trial and error.

Most scout leaders are trained and truly concerned about the health and
happiness of the boys in their care. Hopefully yours will be accomodating-
but educating them is your responsibility. If your son truly wants to be in
the program and to feel independent and responsible for himself (which is
what scouting is all about), then he should be willing to do his part to
make it work.
Good luck and be prepared.
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