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Re: [IP] Help!!blood in tubing

If she is very thin she should probably be using "micro" infusion sets. That 
helped with me when my canulas were bending. You are probably hitting a 
small blood vessel, thus the blood. If it doesn't affect her bs's and isn't 
a lot of blood, I wouldn't worry about that. But MiniMed would tell you to 
change the set.

Sue (dalgal)

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Subject: [IP] Help!!blood in tubing
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 20:50:12 EST

Our daughter was using the Quick serter sets for about 2 weeks, and we
noticed that she kept bleeding into the tubing from the canula.  We switched
her back to the sof-set and now she is doing betterbleeding
episode but I think that may be because she was doing flips with it in . We 
are only able to use her backside
because in her tummy the canula kept bending.  She is very tall and thin.

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