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[IP] re:diabetic fears

Don't know about anyone else but my dog not only senses when I 
am going low but he also alerts me when my bgs are on the rise 
quickly.  This has happened mostly when I am sleeping and my bg 
gets up over 300.

Dxd 12/1975; pumping since 5/1997 and loving it.

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>   Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 7:57 PM
>   Subject: [IP] re:diabetic fears
>   something interesting i have seen on tv before, and i'm 
> sure some of you
>   have seen it too. diabetics who have a dog as a pet...and 
> after awhile, the
>   dog can actually sense when a low is coming on, and they 
> try to alert their
>   owner.  a dog could also give you a sense of security when 
> you are alone.
>   of course, not all dogs will bark when you are low, but 
> there are some
>   perceptive ones out there!
>   tom

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