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RE: [IP] RE: Boy Scouts and dibetes

As a first grade teacher and a pumper(diabetic for 16 yrs...I was 19 at
dx), I have to defend teachers.  Yes, you are right about teachers being
overwhelmed with classrooms full of kids.  However, from talking with
other teachers in my building on previous occasions about D(they all
know that I-and a a guy I work with at school---use pump(s))they are not
opposed to helping a child who needs special attention. We send kids to
the office/nurse all day long for ritalin/adderall doses, etc., but D
makes people(everyone---general population included)nervous.  Especially
when you are responsible for a child's well-being in many
situations--lunch, P.E., playtime, etc.  Teachers feel totally
unprepared to deal with a diabetic child.  I was a substitute before I
went back to work full-time,and was in a room with a diabetic child.
His bg would go from 50 to 600 in a matter of 3 hours.  His mom taught
across the hall, thank goodness.  She dealt with him.  Imagine, if I
felt inept,how a "normal" person would feel?

I understand that it appears that teachers just don't want another
responsibility, but really I think that it is insecurity and fear.

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