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reply to:Re: [IP] Eye surgery

Hi Jath, i had laser surgery several years ago i had severe diabetic 
retinapathy. but i had no loss of vision. If i did not go to my eye doctor, i 
would have not even know. but it was bad enough, that the next night, the 
night before thanksgiving i was getting laser done. I had thousands of laser 
treatments to each eye. my vision is fine and so am i. this was going back to 
like 1989, 1990. my doctor is highly respected as well. so i wonder why they 
are not treating you as well, why wait? what damage could be done? I was 
never told that. Sincerely Eileen. i know once you reach you max with laser, 
then you may have to have some kind of vitrous surgery, but that was it. they 
can only do so many laser treatments.
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