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Re: [IP] boy scouts & diabetics

In a message dated 2/6/2002 12:44:31 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I get nervous letting him spend the night at friends' houses- I
> can't imagine him out in the woods overnite.  Am I being overprotective or
> realistic? Any suggestions?

Kathy, My son just turned 11 and I am having the same problems as you are for 
overnight trips. We are feuding right now about letting him camp out down the 
road w/ friends. If there is a responsible adult going w/ boyscouts, I would 
probably let Jake go and ask the adult to wake him at 2am to check. In our 
case there will be no adult and I'm sticking to No, but I am having the guilt 
laid on thick too by Jake. He says he has never fought me over testing or 
shots and doesn't abuse his diabetes by eating everything he wants just cause 
he got a pump and that I need to let him do the stuff other kids are doing. 
It's bad enough being different w/ diabetes w/out everybody calling him a 
momma's boy! I really hope they hurry w/ the glucowatch that will alarm when 
he's low!!!! I want him to get to be normal as bad as he does and he's great 
about keeping something w/ him for emergencies, but he cannot tell he is low 
when sleeping; he's never woke up feeling low. If you come up w/ any ideas 
that work well pleasee let me know, the only sleepover I let Jake go to he 
was 135 at 2am and went to sleep, but woke up at 7am at 409bg! He said the 
b-day cake he ate must have kicked in late! Trena(mom to Jake 11)
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