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RE: [IP] re:diabetic fears

I am very much a dog person, having had a dozen or more over the years.  I
don't think there is a particular breed that will be more perceptive of an
owners condition.  I find that things like this occur in dogs of all breeds
that have a very strong bond with their owners.  My Great Dane used to sleep
with me every night, and she would stir around and flop all 120 pounds on me
several times a night.  When I came home from the hospital after a 4-vessel
bypass (gentle reminder of the bad things that happen when you don't control
diabetes) she would get on the bed so softly, one foot at a time, and lay
next to me ever so gently.  She would sniff my incision, try to lick it
through the tape, but never once stirred or flopped on me.  Every move was
as if she was trying to be as gentle as possible, trying not to hurt daddy's
boo-boo.  Obviously she knew I was gravely injured.

Sadly, she passed away almost two years ago. :-(

Good luck finding the right dog.

Kelly DOD:01/87
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