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[IP] Toe Problem

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] my continuing toe problem

i wrote a few weeks ago about a very red toe.  my foot doctor was completely
baffled, took x-rays which showed nothing, prescribed an antibiotic i took
for a week......no change.       he said to watch it and call if i noticed
ANY difference.      last week i noticed it getting a tiny bit more red,
called and he prescribed 500 mg. antibiotic once a day.     sunday when i
took off my socks, my toe was so red it was almost black....called first
thing monday morning, he asked me to come in immediately.  he numbed it then
used a needle to draw out fluid, not alot but some -- he was expecting to
find pus but there was nothing but blood.    i have another appointment with
him on friday.     does anyone have ANY idea what could be going on?      he
can't understand if it truly is an infection why i'm not responding to the
medication.  it seems to be worse on the side of the nail, but he found no
ingrown nail.


Gout is inherited along with diabetes, its not a rich mans disease and
usually is very painful. Since your foot has been aspirated without finding
pus it is not an absolute indication you do not have an infection which is
more probable than gout in a young woman with type 1 diabetes. I'd see your
endo and have him refer you. you might have a felon, an infection near the
nail border. are your bg's running high? do you have fever? a couple doses
of indocin should take away the pain if it is gout Asperin also does the
same. Don't muck around with this.  spot
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