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[IP] Re: Italy and Europe Travel

Hi Kristin,

I lived in Spain and Italy for short stints and there are a few things that I ALWAYS travel with.  I recommend asking your doctor if he/she would recommend(and would prescribe) a general antibiotic to take with you - I prefer Levaquin, I'm sure your doctor has his/her own favorite.  Be sure to ask for specific and written instructions on how and when to use the antibiotic if you're not familiar with it.  I would also ask for a prescription for Lomotil (Sp?) which is a drug that will well, .....dry up diarrhea (is there any NICE way to say that???). 

Also, take plenty of artificial sweetner (whichever you prefer) - you never know who has that available and who doesn't - and plenty of glucose tabs, or whatever you use for low events.

Have a FANTASTIC time!

email @ redacted

Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 23:16:19 EST 
From: email @ redacted 
Subject: [IP] Travel questions 

I'm going to Italy at the end of March, and wondered what words of wisdom anyone might have for me about travelling overseas. I am seeing my doctor on 
Friday to get new prescriptions for anything that's expired (i.e., syringes, which I haven't had to fill in two years), so I will have an original 
prescription label. Has anyone travelled to Italy, or Europe, and is there anything else I should be prepared for? 

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