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Re: [IP] Chinese food - Success!

> Hi all,
> We had a thread going a couple of weeks ago about the difficulties of
> bolusing for Chinese food--most of us can figure out the dose so the
> post-prandial reading is good, but we usually go high many hours later.
> One of the moms on this list (sorry, I can't remember the name) said she
> takes her son's basal rate for 5 hours, then gives him a square wave bolus
> for *half* that amount, squared over 5 hours.
> I figured, well, he's a kid...I'm going to try the full basal amount.  So,
> here are my results:
> pre-meal:  75
> 2 hours pp: 90
> middle of the night: 120
> next a.m.:  86
> What I did:  Four hours after I had eaten the Chinese food (I've done a
> of tracking of my BGs for Chinese, so I know that my BGs don't start to
> until at least 4 hours post-meal), I programmed a square wave of 3 units
> spread over 5 hours (my hourly basal during the night is .6, so I
> the hourly basal by the number of hours I wanted the bolus to last).
> This is the first time in my entire diabetes life that I have had perfect
> for Chinese food!
> Thanks for all the ideas, and especially to the mom who gave her advice.
> Leeann

I don't understand why the dose of the squarewave bolus is related to your
basal rates rather than to amount of food that you eat. Can you explain


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