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Re: [IP] my first A1C

>>>well, i finally got my first A1C on the pump, and i was disappointed, it
was 8.3. <snip> did any of you "ol' timers" have similar
experiences with your first A1C ?  i just need a little reassurance. tom >>>

I'm an ol' timer - but A1c's were not that old when I began pumping. I have
no clue what my first one was if I was even aware of the test at the time. I
did have a 15.6 on the pump (the pump did have a delivery problem). When I
was 8.2 my endo stuck out his hand and congratulated me for such a good job.
We didn't know a lot better. Making a long and repeated story short(er), I
didn't achieve 5.4-6.5 until I got on the 'net 2.5 years ago. Try to be a
patient patient. (~_^)

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