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Re: [IP] Eye surgery

> The doctor said that the newest studies show that without some loss of
vision or
> other signs, the risk of laser treatment is greater than the benefit.

Here's what happened to me 10 years ago:

I went to a regular eye doctor every year for a check-up.  He followed the
retinopathy which existed.
Eventually he told me that it was time to visit a retina specialist.

The retina specialist said "I have bad  & good news for you. The bad news is
you have a year's vision
remaining in your right eye and six month's remaining in your left eye.  The
good news is: I can do
something about it."  He aggressively treated my proliferate diabetic
retinopathy.  He stopped the
progression of retinopathy in its tracks.  I visit him every six months. He
says I should have no further
problems due to retinopathy ever again.

Hold me up front that I would lose some peripheral vision as a result of the
laser treatment.  I don't
especially notice it. Although at exams for eyeglasses, the examiner will
notice it. When I was in grade
school, a boy a year behind me was diagnosed with diabetes. Thirty-some
years later, he is blind.
I'm not.

Is there a price to pay?  For me, only an extremely minor loss of side
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