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Re: [IP] Getting kids to exercise

> Julie,
>   I would be VERY interested in hearing how the contract and program
>   works.  
> I may try something similar with Josh.  His need is not weight
> control (he actually needs to gain some) but to get him away from
> electronics and do something different.  As an only child living in
> a neighborhood that does not have many kids his age it is difficult
> at best.  I am joining Tae Kwon Doe with him in order to give him
> someone to practice with and hope it will help motivate him, and ME
> (I DO need to lose!)  But I have never thought of a contract!

You will probably have better luck getting your child to exercise 
regularly if you involve them in organized sports. Soccer, 
basketball, etc... Your city, YMCA, YWCA, local youth program 
directors will have the contacts somewhere for all the sports 
programs in your area. Yes, you will have to commit to going to 
practices several times a week and attending the games, but the 
result will be a workout for your child a minimum of 3x /week and 
probably more like 5x per week including games. As your child grows 
older, this will mean a bigger time commitment for them and less time 
to get into trouble "goofing" off with their friends -- AND it's 
healthy. Of my 5 kids, the sports kids have the best grades and give 
us the least trouble.

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