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Re: [IP] Diabetic Related Fears (living alone)

Hi Jen,

I have been a Type 1 diabetic for almost 21 years, I am also 28.  I have lived alone during several periods of my life after leaving for college at 17.  I have never been that overly concerned about doing so.  In fact, I kinda prefer it - no offense to my wonderful husband whom I love dearly, of course - who also happens to travel semi-frequently. 

No, I'm not writing you to say that you're not "normal" - what is normal, anyway???  I'm writing you just to reassure you that it's possible to be diabetic and confident and independent.  As I got older, and my awareness of diabetes increased and I became more accepting of the risks involved in being a diabetic, I became more careful in general, especially when I found myself living alone.  I still am.  I always have glucose tabs with me.  I always leave glucose tabs or a container of orange juice on my bedside table where I can reach them with minimal movement during the night.

I just generally try to make smart decisions regarding my care and trust those desisions implicitely.

I remember a few years ago a new CDE found out that I lived alone (at the time) and she was horrified.  She told me that diabetics should *never* live alone and that I was irresponsible for doing so (and she was herself a diabetic).  That really angered me and frankly reinforced my desire to live alone (spiteful little thing that I am).

If we are going to say that as diabetics there is "nothing that we can't do" then we need to fully believe that and embrace that mantra.  Don't let anyone tell you differently and please, don't allow yourself to convince yourself otherwise.

As always YMMV - and I can't say that enough.  Me - I've never been hospitalized as a result of a hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic episode.  Is that the result of good choices I've made or generally being a lucky you-know-what - I prefer to think it's a little of both.

In my opinion, life is too short to live any of it afraid.  Whatever it is that you need to do to rid yourself of that fear, and have confidence in yourself, find it and do it.

email @ redacted

Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 22:18:56 -0700 
From: "Jen Close" <email @ redacted> 
Subject: [IP] Diabetic Related Fears 

I belonged to this group a few years back, and just recently got connected 
again. Information from this group can sometimes be invaluable. So I am 
coming to you guys this time, asking for personal opinions or cases that may 
be similar with mine. I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 22 years, and am now 
28. From the time I was legally old enough to be on my own I have had a 
terror of living alone. I think part of it is instilled from my mother always 
being over protective of me, but also feel that it is a very valid fear for 
someone with this disease to have. I have had several run ins in the past 
with people who just couldn't grasp where I was coming from. For example my X 
Husband, and now my current boyfriend, both of whom are military. Thier jobs 
take them far away sometimes, and I swear I will be fine with the idea, until 
5 minuted before the actual departure, and then I panic. Maybe I depend on 
other people to much to keep me in the corner of thier eye at all times. 
Maybe I should see a shrink. Maybe its not normal. Please let me know what 
you think on this topic, I could use some imput. 
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